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Jesus Christ Superstar and the Generation Gap

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Jesus Christ Superstar and the Generation Gap

I had recently asked a friend to watch Jesus Christ Super Star, wondering how it would play out, knowing he is many many MANY years younger than me.

I, as a Christian, know he is one also, and thought that maybe the words and songs would translate to him as it did generations ago. I was wrong. Not Impressed, which is kind of how I thought it would go.

I mean, come on, who was I kidding, right? Here is a musical written and produced in the early late 60's, early 70's. How could someone who is barely in their 20's relate?

Back then, the country was torn apart by a war in Asia, not like we are in a war in Asia right now, right? Oh wait, Afghanistan is considered part of Asia.
But not like we are in a country trying to help them do their best and make a better life for themselves, only to be continually back-stabbed, lied to and taken advantage of, like South Vietnam, Oh wait, Pakistan.

Okay, but not like we have a Commander-In-Chief who is distrusted and vilified for the things that he says or does, and has people calling him disparaging names, like Tricky Dickey, right? Oh wait, the Liar-In-Chief, Osama/Obama, and other things I can't write in this article, and that is from some who had voted FOR him, with his open door policy that is actually more closed and secretive then the G.W. Bush administration.

Not like this Commander-In-Chief tells his allies one thing and does another, like Richard Nixon did with Cambodia, right? Oh wait again, we tell Pakistan all the time, they will be kept in the loop, but are not. They just continue to prove to be untrustworthy time and time again.

Well, at least he has to realize that people were open, and honest with the police, and those in authority, like Bill Ayres and the Weathermen Underground,  who never did anything questionable, especially during the 1968 Democratic National Convention, where it was later stated that they had the media on their side, and would throw tennis balls with nails in them at the police, and then the cameras would catch the police chasing them and beating their ignorant asses, because they deserved it... I don't think anything like that has happened during his generation... except the town hall meetings where thugs voting DEMOCRAT would shout down questions from respectable citizens who wanted answers to complex questions.

How could he relate to how the world was in turmoil because Richard Nixon wouldn't bomb above the line of demarcation between the Communist North Vietnam and South Vietnam, when doing so would have ended the war so much earlier. Oh wait, William Jefferson Clinton could have sent a cruise missile up Osama Bin Laden's ass, but instead was too busy trying to convince people that he didn't know what sex was, and that he wasn't a lying scumbag who took advantage of the position of the President of the United States with a gullible intern. And then tried to paint her as the aggressor while he was so innocent, with all those OTHER charges of being a womanizing scumbag just sitting there waiting for people to look.

Just think, if William Jefferson had done his job, 2713 lives at the World Trade Center would have still been around, 93 people in an airplane wouldn't have gone into the ground in Pennsylvania, and 413 people wouldn't have died in the Pentagon. Along with the tens of thousands who died in Iraq, on both the American side of the invasion, along with its allies, and the Iraqi people. Or the people of Afghanistan who have died due to the Taliban allowing Osama to live there, and be chased all over the country.

IF we were the occupying force that Karazi and his ilk proclaim, then we would go in an burn down all the poppy fields, instead of allowing them to produce all the heroin that they currently produce. Pay them a thousand U.S. dollars and let them live "the life of O'Reilly", which they don't do to begin with. At least the aid would be getting to the people instead of the crooked politicians, just like South Vietnam...

Maybe the guy just doesn't realize that Andrew Lloyd Weber wrote the show, the same guy who did Phantom of the Opera , that has to strike a chord there, after all, he was around for that.

Maybe he doesn't get rock opera's, or musicals, as they were a dying art form when he was being raised, to be brought back with Chicago, so he doesn't have a full movie education, the full experience. THAT can be blamed on his parents, who are around my age, they just didn't bring him up right to understand all forms of entertainment. Like my father use to say, ..."There are two types of music, Country and Western".

And it isn't like the President had a choice in doing his job, giving the order to Seal Team Six to kill Osama Bin Laden, he would have been kicked out of office and strung up if he hadn't.

Wait, Richard Nixon promised to get the U.S. out of Vietnam, or they would have voted him out of office and strung him up.

And it isn't like the time when women were screaming for equality, wanting the same rights as men, or members of the black community who wanted the same basic rights granted to all white men... Oh wait, the Homosexual lobby took the place of the women, kind of, and the Mexican's, most illegal, want to take the place of the colored brothers. (And so it is known, I stood toe to toe WITH my friends who were black, taking some butt kickings because there were those who hated them for their skin color.)

So, with him not understanding the world in turmoil, like it was way back in the late 60's, early 70's, I have to ask the question...


At least, that is how Mark C's it.

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