Thursday, July 21, 2011

Taking time off

As the title says, I'm going to take some time off. I hope this post doesn't read with an arrogant tone, i.e., I'm not saying I have so many readers and admirers that I must tell them all I'm taking time off from blogging for a while to keep them from thinking I'm dead or quit blogging all together. I just thought I would be nice and say I won't be blogging for a while.

Why? Because I want to spend more time studying for a certification exam my employer wants me to take. Blogging, believe it or not, came be a time wasting hobby and it has taken time away from my studies.

I will still respond to comments and if my buddy Mark writes anything, I'll post it, but I'm taking time off from my writing and commenting on other blogs. 

Will be back blogging again soon. Once I pass the certification exam I want to undertake a long blog series on Kant's moral argument, contrasting with Nietzsche's philosophy; that will be fun.


  1. you are right... you can also find latest Online Exams alerts online.

  2. Thanks Tarun! I'll check it out.


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