Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Security tools worth mentioning...

There is a ton of freeware on the internet ready to be downloaded and used if you look for it. I'm going to share some today that deserve a look.

I believe MBytes is the best free malware (programs designed with malicious intent) removal tool today. I use it at home and even at work, if needed. It's easy to use, accomplishes the job, and hey, it's free.

Every computer needs real-time virus protection, some would disagree, though their reasoning for disagreement hasn't suaded me. AVG Free provides adequate real-time protection for your computer. Just like MBytes, it has an easy to understand interface with large descriptive icons. Now, I have to be honest, AVG has fallen behind a bit on being the "best" virus protection out there. However, combined with MalwareBytes and Superanti-Spyware, you have a good trio of protection against those nasty viruses.

This is one of the best free tools for getting rid of spyware. What is spyware? Spyware tracks your internet usuage to create a marketing profile that is then sold to companies; this is without your consent too. Also, spyware can burden your computer's performance. With SuperAnti-Spyware you can eliminate the rogues from your computer.

These three free (did I mention they're free?) security tools, when combined, prove to be a colossus of protection for you and your computer. If you aren't currently using any security tools, I suggest you download these now before it's too late. They are lightweight, powerful, and easy to use. Run AVG scans everyday at a time when you won't be on your computer, and run the other two at least once a week. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Windows XP still dominating the business world...

After all these years, Windows XP still dominates the business world. According to a recent article over at TechRepublic, 74% of work PCs still run XP, and they're roughly 4 years old. Now, to the average home-user that's probably shocking, if not jaw-dropping, but I don't find the news of XP dominating the business world to be shocking. In fact, it sounds just about right. XP is still a solid operating system for business (and home if you don't like eye-candy) use, it's ease-of-use functionality is very engaging to green bean users and average users alike.

Aside from the easy use of XP, wouldn't a business want to be using the latest technology? Well, that all depends. Windows XP is still compatible with today's software and Microsoft is still supporting Service Pack 3 for XP at the time of this writing so really one wouldn't be missing out on any new software. The only reason a company would need to update to Windows 7, and still not all of the workstations would need to upgrade, is if the company is a media-heavy/ art publishing company.

The main benefits of still using Windows XP

-A company can save money by staying with XP and choosing not to upgrade at the moment.

-XP is still compatible with legacy software (7's compatibility mode doesn't always work) that 7 can't run.

-Don't have to train users on Windows 7. This is a big benefit of staying with XP. Users, especially ones that don't like technology, don't like to take time out of their work-day to learn something new because often it's grueling and tiresome.

-Wait out the bugs.

I think those are the four main points for businesses staying with Windows XP right now. Migration to 7 or any new OS for that matter, just doesn't have many benefits to companies at this time. Many are probably thinking, "Well, Vista came and gone. XP still works." So, like I've thought, when it comes to business why fix something that isn't broke?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Peter S. Williams podcast

Apologetics315 has an excellent post today about Peter S. Williams' Damaris Podcast and has a link to Peter's MP3 on "The Meta Ethical Argument for Theism."

Check it out here

Peter Williams' blog can be found here.