Friday, March 1, 2013

Objections to Calvinism and the Moral Situation

Hey guys. It's been a great week for blog posts and discussion. I don't usually do a weekly "best of"stuff I've read in the blogosphere and commented on, but today I am because of the good discussion some of these posts brought and because of how good these posts are by themselves. Maybe I'll start doing something like it every week. We'll see. Anyway, these posts are hot. :)

Check out these posts. Especially you Tony-Allen.

From Wintery Knight blog
Jerry Walls Lectures on Objections to Calvinism
Mark D. Linville: The Moral Poverty of Evolutionary Naturalism

A View From the Right
Millions of Years of Disease in a 'Very Good' Creation (part1, read part 2 also)

Design of Providence
How to be Annoying in Online Discussions

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