Reformed Seth is a blog dedicated to quick thoughts on philosophy, politics, and religion. I'm not a professional in any of these areas of discipline. I'm a rookie at best so please think of my posts as online notes of what I'm studying; they're not the real deal. If you want to further explore some of the ideas posted here then check out the professional links below. 

My pal Mark writes most of the political posts, though he has wrote some opinion pieces on movies. His work is under the label "How Mark C's it...," I have a tag for his posts as well as an icon link to all of his work. He is a conservative just to warn you, though he is fair in his arguments unlike some neo-cons. 

Well, that's about it. Roam around the blog, comment, or just read; whatever you like. 

Professional links
Reasonable Faith and Stand to Reason these two sites are run by professional Christian philosophers in the business of defending classical Christianity. 

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and  Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy are repositories for all things philosophy (philosophers and philosophies-good stuff)