Monday, July 23, 2012

Tony Allen's Calvinist Meme

Check out this awesome Calvinist meme made by blogger Tony Allen


  1. Which I've seen sprouting around all over Facebook. I'm quite amused reading the various reactions, especially people who were horribly offended by the last panel.

  2. People were offended by the last panel? WOW. You know, the last panel, imo, is the essence of reformed theology and my greatest comfort in this life: Christ is my shepherd...the good shepherd. Without that truth, one cannot have assurance of salvation.

  3. That's what I intended it to be. Some people instead read too much into it, either saying I chose too white a Jesus or I was violating the second commandment. I find it funny that the John Calvin on the cross picture didn't offend people more than a friendly picture of Jesus as a good shepherd.

  4. As Jerry Seinfeld would say, "Oh help me Rhonda!"

    Those people did read too much into the picture. While I understand Jesus was most likely not a Caucasian, the picture represents the rich truth of the Good Shepard, which makes it fitting for the meme.

    People surprise me everyday.


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