Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pie or Pi? Pastry or Constant?

This post is for Tony-Allen. He requested and I delivered. Of course, what is pie? Is it a pudding-like desert resting on a crusty and crumbly foundation? Or is it a mathematical constant? Either way, enjoy this recipe and also this little entry on Pi.

Just in time for fall! A pumpkin pie recipe from Paula Deen

From MathWorld! The best resource on the interwebz for math stuff. Whoo-hoo! The awesomeness that is Pi


  1. This post is wrong because you're committing an argumentum ad populum ad hominem in which you beg the question on what makes a true Scotsman who shows circular reasoning.

    I think I covered all my bases...oh yeah, God is love, QED, pie.


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