Saturday, August 11, 2012

God, Liberals and the Olympics

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God, Liberals and the Olympics

I have a friend on Facebook, who I will call John. John is a liberal, well, John is a liberal’s liberal, i.e., he is a progressive! Wow, how 18th century of him. John is disappointed in Barack Obama (join the club); he is disappointed because he thinks Barack Obama hasn’t done enough to make America like a third world country. He hasn’t taken from the rich, given to the poor, and then taken from the rich again when the poor piss the money away they were illegally given.

I made a post about an American runner who won a medal in running, and the controversy surrounded by him carrying an American flag, and a Mexican flag, as he was brought into the country by his parents when he was four. So, he wanted to show he is both North American, and South American. A lot of people were upset because he was trained with American money, and it was those who are Mexican American, or American of Mexican descent, that were more upset. I started to realize, with all the athletes who have given glory to God for their abilities: their chances to run, jump, to compete, and for America to be the best country on earth; where was the liberal backlash? Where is the ACLU standing up saying they have to stop because America isn’t a Christian country? Where are the liberals and progressive saying, "They didn’t do that. God didn’t help them! America did the training, gave the money, the encouragement to do all they have done", (most in a spectacular manner.) And then it dawned on me. With this being an election year, the left (the liberals, the homosexuals, even the ACLU) have to keep their mouths shut, or they will be seen for what they are: people who are ashamed of America. They are letting people give glory to God because to say something against it, with all the American pride, would sink Barack Obama and his election. Then they will scream that they are going to be put to death by the dark ages, because only Barack and his sycophants truly understand the struggle they are going through, because look at all the mean white guys who are picking on the black president who is only trying to do what is right. What is right to them? Free health care, free money, and the right to scream at those who don’t agree with them, and then claim hate crimes for those who scream back, or try to stand up for what they feel, or think is right. Chick-fil-A anybody?

But back to ‘John’, here is his comment when I asked people to share how they felt about the Mexican American using both flags, (this is why I think I am right as to their collective silence) John:My thoughts: I might be able to tolerate the Olympics were it not for all the nationalistic  jingoism and bullshit

So, let’s ask ourselves, do we really want a congress, a president, anybody who actually doesn’t find pride in our country and what we do, every four years? We get to show that as a country, we compete, we care, we do what we can, in sports, and in being a good citizen of the world. I for one say NO!

At least, that is how Mark C's it.

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