Friday, December 21, 2012

Gingrich says conservatives should support same sex marriage for the votes

Okay, he didn't say that *exactly* but he is reported saying:

Gingrich said the GOP will need to accept that same sex marriage “is in every family, it is in every community,” and that Americans in increasing numbers find no issue with allowing it — as proven by voters on election day.

"The momentum is clearly now in the direction in finding some way to... accommodate and deal with reality,” he said. “And the reality is going to be that in a number of American states — and it will be more after 2014 — gay relationships will be legal, period.”
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Basically, I understand Gingrich to be saying conservatives will need to accept same sex marriage just because everyone else is? Does he mean to say the GOP needs to support same sex marriage in order to win "the game"? I don't understand why politicians look at political office as a game. It's as if Gingrich said, "Guys. Look. We have to support this so we can win a round or two. If we don't support same sex marriage then we'll never win! We can't let that happen." Instead of seeing political office as preserving the protection of natural rights and holding or changing the structure of society it seems that some see it as a game. Now, they wouldn't be bold enough to say that it's a game and they're truly just looking to win and only win instead of being statesmen, but I think statements like what Gingrich reportedly said and others make good evidence for supporting my view that guys who say stuff like this just see politics as a game. 

Regardless of the pros and cons of same sex marriage I think it's weak to support a position purely for the sake of winning. I would rather see a party stand for their principles and take a loss instead of supporting something only for a possible win. It's my opinion that if the GOP did "come out" (pun intended) in support of same sex marriage as a party that it wouldn't do much. It would just drive home the already established opinion that such a GOP wouldn't be *that* much different from the Dem party. I find it hard to believe that the GOP would attract many more voters than they already have. It seems in my opinion that if they do take this move then they will lose a lot of support and gain very little from this move. Again though, I go back to my original point that to support something for the sake of winning is not virtuous, it's wrong. It's just wrong. Supporting something because you truly believe in it is respectable. Even if I disagree with your position, at least I respect you for supporting something you believe in instead of just trying to win a game. We can discuss the rightness and wrongness of the view and still have respect for one another because we hold to a view for pure reasons instead of dishonest reasons.

Would any same sex marriage advocate respect the GOP for supporting same sex marriage purely on the ground to win, oh I apologize I mean purely on the ground to keep up with the times? I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but I find it difficult to believe same sex marriage supporters would respect the GOP for taking this position just because "everyone else is doing it." It's weak in my view. The GOP should stand for it's principles and if it fails as a party then some other party will rise up and GOP supporters and the GOP itself will at least go down standing for what it believes in instead of going down (because it would) dishonest, fake, and as cowards.


  1. This is the kind of thing our founding fathers warned us about in the Federalist Papers - the loud cry of the minority. It's sad to read this, but goes to show how foolish it is to trust in an arm of the flesh, and how even those political machines we rely on can turn against us.

  2. "...foolish it is to trust in an arm of the flesh, and how even those political machines we rely on can turn against us."

    oh for sure. I agree with you. man is a crooked piece of timber, which is why I like our form of government, or at least the one that was setup by the founders.

  3. The GOP are and have been for some time, losers. They deserve to lose and lose only.


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