Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Science: A New Religion?

The Devil's Advocate has written an excellent blog post on the new dogmatism of Science. Instead of being a tool it's much more like a religion, even though it rejects religion and philosophy (another problem DA points out in his post). He wrote, "Science, corrupted by mankind's hubris, is as dangerous as any other dogmatic doctrine that tells us what we *must* accept as valid and *must* reject as heresy.  This is an event horizon that science is rapidly approaching - and the time to realize that and find a better middle ground is now, before it is too late."

Read more here.


  1. I've been thinking on this myself. I don't think science is evil, in fact I find it fascinating in many respects...but some people talk about science the way some fundamentalists talk about religion. Science is affected by dozens of factors - the opinions of those taking the data, the circumstances around the data, the understanding of how to utilize mathematics, etc. It's not infallible, and it's open to change. People who worship science become the very thing they despise.

  2. You're correct. It's turning into what they (religious scientist folks) despised when they "converted" to Science (capital 's' science - THE science): religion. Of course, I guess it's okay to do this since it's a religion they like. ;)

    I too like science as a tool.


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