Monday, May 20, 2013

Announcement! New Weekly Post coming soon!

UPDATE: First watercooler wednesday post has been posted! Check it out here or by clicking 'home' and scrolling. 

Here at Reformed Seth, we already have Monday's "Quote of the Week" and "Friday Mentionables," so I thought I would add another weekly post for the middle of the week: watercooler wednesday. It is going to be a conversational style post involving two characters talking about a topic. The topic may be a "hot topic," you know something that is being talked about in the news and such but it may also be one of those "permanent questions" that has been talked about since the days of the ancient hebrews and greeks.

I have a few characters in mind for the dialogues but give me some time to feel out this weekly post. The first month may be a little rocky while I try to find some characters. Most importantly, share the posts! I want this to be one of my most popular posts. So, if you like the posts then please share them. If you don't like the posts, then still please share them with your friends (or enemies!) because I want this weekly post to start conversation.

If you have some ideas for Watercooler Wednesday then comment below.


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