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Obama and the Broken Arrow

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Obama and the Broken Arrow

I am not using the term Broken Arrow, as it was used in the movie by the same name, I am using Broken Arrow as the way it was used back in Vietnam, as shown in the movie We Were Soldiers, also showing the comparison to Rome when it was a world power.

There was a time, long-long ago, even before I was born, that a citizen of Rome could go anywhere in the known world, and not be bothered, They wouldn’t be robbed, murdered, accosted, troubled in any way, because to do so would bring down the weight of the Roman Empire and no one wanted that.

Speed forward to the middle of the 19th century, when an American could go anywhere in the world, and for the most part, be left alone, because America was seen as a great country, kind, generous, caring, and so were the people of America. Countries were happy to be a host to relatives, or visitors from our country, as were considered so powerful.

Speed forward to the demise of the American spirit, and to the Broken Arrow. Somehow we became the world’s police force. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, suddenly we were not looked upon with joy, but seen as a conquering nation, spreading our ideals in places that didn’t want them or need them. People questioned how we as a country could tell other countries how to run their lives, when our country was such a mess. War protestors, race riots, racism down south, a congress that didn’t work and kept promising everything to everyone with no way to pay for it.

Now in the movie We Were Soldiers, there is a scene, when the American forces are under attack, surrounded on all sides, and will soon be overrun; Danger Close is the term that would be used. The leader of the American forces is forced to call a Broken Arrow, which would in turn, make every aircraft in the area to make them the number one priority, to save them at all costs. That was THE American standard for our fighting men and women who served the country in one way or another. Our pledge to them: no one is left behind. They could find comfort in the fact we would always find them and bring them home.

So we now have to admit to a failure in the current administration, and its leadership, in holding to the standard that if an American is in trouble, WE WILL GO AND GET THEM! Benghazi showed that it no longer mattered if you were “danger close” because Obama is “idiot close”. Hillary failed in such a magnitude, that the cheating, lying, scumbag of a husband seems to shine brighter as a good person, as she yells, “At this time, WHAT DOES IT MATTER?” It mattered because we as a nation broke a promise to those that serve our purpose in other countries, that if you are in trouble, especially if it is muslims, then you are on your own, and if you die, someone further down the chain of command will say something nice at your funeral, and you might get a form letter also saying, ‘Sorry, wish we could have done something different, but I was running for reelection, and had to go to a fund raiser, and the people who I had put in charge didn’t’ think it was worth my time to let me know, and see if I would do something to save you. OR, I knew about it, but I am afraid of muslims, because when I finally come out of the closet, and admit to being a muslim, I don’t want them to be upset with me, for killing some of them, besides, I’m Teflon, and nothing sticks to me.’(the quotes are mine, I imagine this is what they would say, no one actually said it, to do so would so accepting responsibility, and having balls, which no one in this administration seems to have. Thought Hillary’s were bigger than Barry’s, turns out I was wrong.)

So, now we have to ask ourselves, with all the new scandals erupting as people on the left, and in the media are realizing, Barry is an asshat, a fool, and tool, and pretty much a waste of breath, we have to accept, until the next presidential election, or if the Senate changes hands in 2014 and impeaches the bastard, since his parents WERE NOT MARRIED, how badly is our reputation going to be soiled and sullied, by this man, and will we be able to get ourselves out from his destructive policies and ways.
With prayer, and God on our side, we have a hope.

Or at least, that is how Mark C’s it…

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