Monday, February 6, 2012

Interview with Mark on republican primary and presidential election

Who do you think will win the Republican nomination? Why?

Romney will win the nomination, plain and simple. As was pointed on MSNBC (Or as one commentator called it, MSNLSD) Newt is only in this for Newt. They were talking about how Newt's campaign is in the hole financially, but yet he continues to get paid. His personal organizations, hosting web chats, entertainment and such, they have been paid, but yet his campaign is still almost 700,000 in the red. Newt has yet to show anyone that he has the country's best interest at heart and is doing this to change the direction of the country, from demagoguery to a democracy. And if you look at Newt's past, as pointed out by Ann Coulter 1, he personally is more like the current President than anyone else on the Republican side. So, mainly it is Romney's nomination due to people not wanting Newt, not because he is the best person for the job, just the best one who is sticking it out to the end.

What are your predictions on the 2012 elections?

This election will be ugly, across the board. Romney will take a lead in the polls, and suddenly the liberal left and their cronies will start off with, LOOK AT THEM, BEATING UP ON THE POOR BLACK MAN (which is just a load of crap). Barack Obama hasn't been poor in a long long long long long long time. And you know they will pull the race card whenever they get the chance, as that is all they have to run with, just like in the first election, all they had to run with was he was an unfortunate outsider. The only political record he has shown is his inability to make a decision, to vote for something that matters, and that he has an ego bigger the bin Laden's. The left loves pulling out the underdog card whenever, or however they can, playing to white guilt, where there really shouldn't have any. So, it will come down to who makes the most mistakes, and with Romney being Mormon, it will be ugly when they pull out the black card, as Mormon theology stated long ago that Blacks carry the original sin. That Cain killing Able was the first sin, not disobedience to God in eating from the forbidden Tree. So in Mormon theology, God turned Cain black for killing his brother, so others wouldn't kill him and he would live his life in shame. It was in 1978 that the NAACP was suing the Mormon Church over racial discrimination, because they wouldn't allow blacks to be ministers. JUST before the case was to go to court, they got a revelation from Joseph Smith that it was okay for blacks to hold ministerial positions within the church, and the case went away. Pulling the curtain back on the Mormon church and their beliefs, like Dave Hunt's book The God Makers will show that Mitt might be a little challenged in his thinking, and then it will come back to religion instead of the issues, because on the issues, Obama SUCKS!

Do you think the Republican candidate can win against Obama? If so, what should his strategy be?

Huntsman was the perfect candidate to go against Obama due to the fact that he was Obama's choice to be ambassador to China. So, he was liberal approved, and that would have taken out half the wind in the liberals sails. But yes, Romney can beat Obama, but he will have to keep dragging the campaign to the facts, to the issues and not personality. Romney will have to keep dragging the Obamacare vs. Romneycare debate about how he learned from the mistakes made in Massachusetts and can make better choices then Obama has made when it comes to fixing health care. He will have to show, continually that Obama is an egotistical lying ass, who says he wanted transparency, until it came time to be transparent, they will have to show the Chicago connections to Blagoavich, and how Obama says he only met him once, but there are tons of pictures showing they had an obvious connection, show the connection continues with Rahm and how dirty Chicago politics are and how they should be avoided. How Rahm lived in D.C. for two years, but Chicago judges says that he actually lived in Chicago, when he didn't, so he could become Mayor of Chicago. That right there shows the polluted logic of most Chicago politicians, and how corrupt the thought process is in Chicago, and a good part of Illinois. The only choice and chance exists on dragging the argument back to the issues, the false numbers, the facts...

Off topic: Do you think 2012 is the "doomsday" year?

If Obama gets re-elected, yes. America won't be able to continue its place of dominance in the world, we will become a colony of England, again, or maybe China, who is taking over the place we use to have. We need people who are intelligent, not book smart, but common sense smart, and that isn't Barack. It might not be Mitt, but it has to be someone who isn't Barack Hussein Obama. As for the Mayan Calendar prediction that the world will end on December 12th, 2012, I think they might have been a little preoccupied with being conquered by Spain to keep up with the calendar

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