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Mark on homosexual marriage

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Homosexual Marriage

As people who have read the articles that I have written for this blog will remember, I am a Christian, by choice, as all of us are born of sin, due to the original sin of disobedience to God. (Genesis, first few chapters)
Now I am sure that people are expecting me to slam Homosexual Marriage. Well, you will be disappointed, but only to a degree.

I think the Homosexual lobby has done a great job in trying to get people to just accept them and their behavior as just something that happens, but is it really? Why does the Homosexual lobby want people to refer to them as Gay? Why should they be ashamed of who they are? They say they are born this way, then why change it from whom they are, Homosexuals, to a less standard term, Gay? 

There is a reason I keep using the term Homosexual, as that is what they are. Gay? Not for the most part. When have you seen a group of Homosexuals happy? Were they happy beating a woman in Palm Springs because she was in favor of Prop 8? Other than the 'Pride Parades' you really don't see them happy, and they LOVE playing the victim, that they are still being mistreated, and people are still threatened by them. Yet, when someone stands up, they are 'gay bashing'. Imagine the kid in California who has been found guilty of killing a Homosexual classmate. Had someone, ANYONE, stepped in and stopped him from being harassed by the Homosexual classmate, both lives could still be intact. 

All the word ‘homosexual’ does is refer to someone who is attracted to someone of the same sex, and it covers both men and women, and much easier than saying ‘lesbian’ and ‘gay’; like a woman loving another woman is different than a man loving another man. (It isn't)

For those who are old enough and remember, it was a slippery slope when states started allowing civil unions. And I could understand why they did. It was wrong for people to be in a committed relationship to not have rights to be with their partner when they were dying, be it of cancer or of A.I.D.S. That is why people started using living wills and directives as to who has the right to make their life ending decisions, whom has the right to do what they want with their communal property.

So, some bureaucrat decided to allow them to get married, which you know would make some Homosexuals mad as hell, as they wouldn't be able to just go in and out of relationships using the lie, "Well I would stay with you forever, if we could only get married". But married made some people mad, so it was Civil Unions, which is fine. You can call it anything you want, they would still be married. But that wasn't good enough for them as a whole. It had to be mainstream; it had to be a redefinition of MARRIAGE, the holy grail of the Bible, of Christianity, Catholic's, and a bunch of other groups. And there in is the rub: people believe that marriage, the biblical kind, has to be under the rules of the bible which is one man and one woman.

So, is it wrong for Homosexuals to want to redefine what marriage is? Yes, but it is also wrong for Homosexuals to want more when they were given what they had asked for: civil unions. As a group, if they want to enact change then do it slowly. People will accept a slow change, but to scream, attack, beat and act like idiots? Doing so, they create more damage to themselves and their cause then they can ever comeback from.

Or at least, that is how Mark C's it.

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