Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The problems of a liberal education

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The Problems with a Liberal Education

What can be said about the Owning Wall Street Movement that hasn't already been said? Pundits come on saying we should support them, as they are 'exercising their free speech' and yet what they are doing doesn't really involve speech, but the illegal act of taking over property that isn't theirs for them to destroy, and make uninhabitable. Do they have a case? Is their cause just? Is the destruction of private, or public, property within their rights? NO!

Here is a group of disenfranchised people who feel it is their God given right, by their god, Obama and the socialist movement with an assist from liberal education, that they can do what they want, when they want, how they want, and not have to pay a price for their actions. Kind of like being a member of a union, where you can do what you want, and with enough time in the union, NOT be held responsible for you actions.

The older people who joined the movement should have known better, but they are the right age to be hippies who miss the 60's - the protest of Vietnam, and Nixon, wanting to relive their glory days - but the younger kids are a product of a school system that has spread across the country who are told that you are precious, that your misinformed thoughts have a right to be heard in whatever forum that you chose. Screw the legal owners, if you want it, TAKE IT! This stems from participation trophies, and how we need to nurture a child through all forms of life, letting them know that they didn't lose because they showed up. Sorry, when was that ever, EVER a good idea? There is a winner in every contest. The person in second place is the first loser. It is a fact of life that is continually glossed over in schools across the country AND IT IS WRONG!

Then the unions got involved with the protests. The cost of our eggs and milk going up is because they have to be rung up by union checkers, taken to your car, sometimes, by union box boys, with a union janitor cleaning up the mess; they have a lot to be upset with, because they think the Occupy Movement is their future bread and butter. Unions joining the protest, when it is unions that drive up the cost of an item, and they make enough money due to strong arm tactics, that they are in the upper 99%, and some of them, in the 1% that they claim to disdain. So, the hypocrisy of a liberal education tied in with hypocritical unions, you now have two of the worst, misinformed groups of people around, wanting everything in the world for free, and no one gets their feelings hurt.

Well, it is time to grow the hell up. People win, people lose. If there is one job opening, and two people apply, SOMEONE IS GOING TO LOSE, but yet some think it is okay to keep blowing sunshine up the skirt of the person who lost the job. WHEN DID COMMON SENSE DIE IN AMERICA?

It is bad enough that we turned a wonderful profession of teaching into baby sitters, but when did it come to the point that they had to be a parent? When did the parents abdicate the right to intercede in the child's education and say, NO, show them real life, someone wins, someone loses, and the Occupy movement is wrong. How proud are the parents of the kids who stood there and were interviewed about how they felt they shouldn't have to pay their college loans back, because they decided to major in something that has no real world applications? Want to major in Art History? Cool, make sure you can pay back those 35,000 dollar loans by working two jobs. Don't stand there saying you are special and rules don't apply to you. That is when you get unions supporting teachers who are molesting students, sleeping with students, because after all, aren't we all special in a special way? Which of course means that we are all the same, and we MUST take responsibility for our actions in life. To not do so means common sense died and the liberal educators and union organizers have won, and we will soon be like bankrupt Europe, both morally and financially.

Or at least, that is how Mark C's it.

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