Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Android 2.2 Should Worry Apple...

Here is an excerpt from an article in eWeek's August 16, 2010 issue:

"With Google's Android 2.2 update coming soon to several Android mobile devices, it's time for Apple to really be concerned about its chief competitor. The new version of Android is arguably the most important since the mobile operating system's launch, and it delivers functionality that could rival Apple's iOS 4. Now the real battle between Android and iOS has started. And with signal reception problems spoiling the iPhone 4's debut, Apple might want to bear in mind that success today doesn't guarantee continued success tomorrow."

Apple needs to be worried about Android 2.2 not for fear of 2.2 putting them out of business (that's highly unlikely), but for fear of Android "one-upping" Apple in technology. This healthy fear of another company drives innovation, which produces great technology (most of the time, re: Virtual Boy just to name one technology flop). Right now, I think Apple is kind of just coasting on their popularity and I can't blame them. Apple is the poster boy for consumer gadgets, the company that teens and now adults look to for the next new tech toy, but how long will Apple hold the crown? I believe Android is stepping up to the ring with 2.2; it looks very promising and this update just might be the boost Android needs to step into the ring with Apple.

Get the full scoop here on Why Android 2.2 Should Worry Apple.

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