Friday, September 17, 2010

How Mark C's It...Know What You Believe

DISCLAMER: The following viewpoints are not those of the blogger, but a friend of his. If this point of view upsets you, you may vent, but don’t yell at the person who posted them. Start a discussion, express and opinion, but don’t yell at the person who didn’t write it, that is just senseless…


A little about me, I am a native born Californian, who has spent most of his life there, except for a childhood in the Midwest, and the past few years here below the Mason-Dixon Line. I have a high school diploma with a technical degree in Programming, and many years of college, but no sheepskin to show for it.

An old adage says never talk about Politics or Religion, and I love to talk about both, and that brings me to the point of my addition to Seth… Knowing what you believe in, politically.

I had a job in a factory here, and was in a discussion with a co-worker about politics. He was taken back by the fact I am a Republican, and thought I was just joking. How could someone as intelligent as I am, as well read as I am, and well spoken as I am, be a Republican. You would have thought I had peed on his mother’s grave, of which I am sure she is still alive…

So I questioned him and his beliefs. Having lived his whole life below the Mason-Dixon Line, I asked if he believed in a Welfare State, he said NO. Did he believe in Homosexual Marriage, NO. Did he believe in Interracial Marriage, NO. Did he believe in Abortion on Demand, even as a form of Birth Control, he said NO, and a few other things along with that I won’t repeat. I asked if he believed in allowing Illegal Immigrants the rights to free medical care, free money, free education, knowing they got here by breaking the law. I’ll just say, he said NO. Congratulations I told him, YOU’RE A REPUBLICAN!

I wasn’t talked to for two days.

And there lies the rub. People seem to take to what their fathers were. His father was a Democrat, his Grandfather was a Democrat, his GREAT-Grandfather was a Democrat, and he was a Democrat, but not for what they believed, but because he came from a long line of Democrats.

The same happened to a table set up at a fireworks show. The local Democratic Party had a table set up to get people to sign up to be a Member of the Democrats. I asked the same 5 questions, got the same 5 answers, and was told to leave when I said, YOU’RE A REPUBLICAN. But as I was leaving I was told, they were Democrats who don’t follow the NATIONAL Democratic Platform.

They couldn’t tell me why they were Democrats; just they were in a long line of them. And that just concerns me. It is akin to being in the KKK and not hating Blacks, Jews, Homosexuals, because that is what is expected of you. MAKES NO SENSE.

I recently had to defend my being a Republican to some friends from High School, back in California. I have spoken openly about how there are things that I don’t agree with on the National Platform, like the invasion of Iraq, was a mistake, not enough support, thought or logic was involved before the war was started. I don’t believe in tax breaks for the wealthiest American’s, including those in Congress, as they have a lot of millionaires there, but they make less, in base salary, then the 250,000 dollar Obama limit. I don’t agree with the limit on stem cell research, as they have found ways to harvest ADULT stem cells that are just as useful. But I do agree with most of what the Republican Platform is supposed to be. Lower Taxes for Middle Class, Smaller Government, Strong Military, Abortion only in the case of Rape, Incest, or the Mother’s life is in danger, and that we need stronger laws to enforce those who have been raped, and molested. I don’t agree with Homosexual Marriage, as Psychologist agree, Homosexuality is for the most part a choice, and as a Christian, I don’t agree with the lifestyle or choice. I don’t agree with the Welfare State, because I have seen it abused, and nothing happen to those who abuse it.

So, I know what I believe, and WHY I believe, which is more than can be said for a lot of those I have talked to around here.

So, I encourage you to have beliefs, and be able to defend those beliefs to those who give you questions as to why.

These are my thoughts, and how Mark C’s it.

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  1. Cool, but do you defend to anyone who asks?


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