Monday, September 20, 2010

The iPad: A Review

It's actually a new device made by Apple (all the Apple fanboys start singing) and I have to admit that I, well, I like it. I tested one out recently and my expectations were reched. It's very cool, not revolutionary, but very cool in its execution and style. I'll lay it out for you.

Why do I like it?

Honestly, I didn't like the idea of it at first because I didn't understand Apple's target. I thought Apple was trying to attack the laptop industry, to a degree they still are, at the business level and try to replace laptops. Boy, I was wrong. I started researching and found out that Apple is finding the "in-between" device for consumers and some business users.

Seth, what do you mean by "in-between" device? I mean between laptop and smartphone. Now, if you want to go on a trip, you take your laptop along with your smartphone (if you have one). Yes, you can surf the web on your smartphone, but you can't get the full experience of the website, so you lug your laptop with you too. Taking your laptop is much better than your desktop, but hey, it can get in the way. Your answer is the iPad.

1. The size.

This baby is about the size of a tablet (hence, Pad is in the name) and weighs just a little bit more than a tablet. Very convenient.

2. OS

You know how when you want to check out a website really quick to make an annoying comment and you got to wait for your computer to load? Wouldn't it be cool if you had a device that was just as quick as your smartphone? Well, the iPad is here for you my friend. No load times at startup...very cool! It turns on very quick, like a phone, maybe even faster. It uses the iPhone's mobile operating system.

3. Sleek

Great design. Flashy. Some would say sexy, but I don't like using language like that for devices, it's just weird.

4. Great for content consumition users.

If you don't do a lot of "creating" on the web, the iPad could replace your desktop computer. If you don't post things (like blogging), create/maintain websites, or any other thing like that, and you just read well the iPad is for you my friend.

5. Speakers are great.

I listened to some music on the iPad and it sounded just as good as the speakers on my desktop. I have no complaints with the speakers.

What I Don't Like

1. No USB ports.

If I want to use some USB ports, then I have to attach a dongle, which eliminates the convenience of being a better portable device than the laptop. Apple, that was kind of stupid. Sorry, it's true. Why didn't you put some USB ports on this baby?

2. Flash?

No flash on this iPad? Ah, leaving some room open for Android to do that? Apple, why?

3. Virtual Keyboard

Of course, this is not a fair dislike, but I have to post it because it bothered me. I don't care for virtual keying so it will keep from wanting to buy one. However, like I said, you won't be making long posts with this device anyway, so it's not a strong argument, but for me it's a big deal.

Those are my only complaints because this is a device for the web surfing user that likes to do just that: lurk around on the web. You know, check out status updates on social networking sites, read some yahoo! articles, or read some posts on Reformed Seth; a content consumer, not doing anything flashy and this is the typical computer user. So, once there is an excellent Android release (Dell Streak? Please) then we can see the price war begin and I'll probably go with an Android device. I'm not saying the iPad isn't good, it's a great product, but I'm holding out for the competitor. I would like to have some USB ports on my tablet (for extra storage), and for flash.

What do I give the iPad? A 8/10. It's a good device. Go borrow your friend's iPad now and see what I'm talking about.
Some iPad videos here.

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