Thursday, January 27, 2011

Android App Creator 2.0 for Windows

[H/T] Techrepublic

From Techrepublic's description:

Android App Creator--build your own Android Apps. Droid Generator is the number one Android App Developer Tool on the market. You do not need to know how to program to create apps. Choose from multiple advanced layouts to create your app pages. Add images, links, and rich text, and even embed Web Code. The possibilities are endless. Did you know that the average app gets 100-500 downloads per day& Think of how much traffic you can direct to your blog or Web site? DroidGenerator lets you embed RSS Feeds, or your Twitter feed IN the app. Build your own android apps today.

It costs $39.00, but you'll be able to create your own app for your Android! Check it out.

You have to be a member of TechRepublic to download the App creator. Registration for TechRepublic is free and easy, so don't let that stop you from trying App Creator.

Download App Creator by clicking here.

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