Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why there needs to be an Android tablet

The idea of the iPad is a marvelous idea. Yeah, at first I didn't care for the idea that much and I was against it. I publicly was against the iPad which can be seen over in the TR discussion threads, but why was I against the iPad? I had misunderstood the goal of the iPad. I had understood the goal of the iPad as a laptop killer. Given that description, one could easily see why I thought that was a horrible idea. The iPad couldn't possibly be a laptop killer at all. No physical keyboard, it's touch screen only, there are storage limitations, etc. You can read all of that in the forums at TR.

How the iPad Shines

The iPad is a great lightweight device for web browsing, sharing pictures like a porfolio, and for taking notes in a meeting. For those people that primarily use their computers as a consumption device, i.e., web browsing then the iPad is the perfect device for you. If you use a computer for content creation, i.e., creating documents, spreadsheets, emails, websites, or if you're a gamer then the iPad is definitely not for you.

Apple has hit the gold mine with this device. I would say that most computer users fall under the consumption label. The iPad can provide that service for quick information reading, email checking, listening to music, etc. Another great thing about is the quick startup of the iPad. When you turn it on, it's like turning on a smartphone because the iPad uses the mobile operating system used on the iPhone! Now that is another great feature of the iPad: no startup. If you want to look up something quick on the internet, no problem! You won't have to wait for your computer to startup if it's off, or wait for it to wakeup if it's asleep.

This is why there needs to be an Android tablet. Think about it. If the iPad is this good when it's the only guy in the competition, then the technology will grow with the arrival the competitor. Also, prices will drop with the addition of a competitor, which I think will be an Android based tablet. This is a very interesting time to be in technologically speaking, due to the level of growth we've seen over the past fifteen years in technology.
So, if there is an Android tablet, not only will that benefit technology, but it will also benefit the consumer with competive pricing, making these good lightweight devices available to more people. Right now, the iPad is around $500, which is a steep price for most people. However, if you're going to spend that much on a computer and the only thing you do is browse the web, then I would suggest purchasing an iPad. Or, you can wait for an Android based tablet to come on the scene. In my opinion, the prices will drop then.

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