Monday, August 9, 2010

TechRepublic Questions of the Week

Are you having computer problems? Well, check out TechRepublic and their questions forum! There is almost always a question there that relates to whatever problem you may be having. TR (short for TechRepublic) has helped me a lot and it can help you too. There are plenty of IT professionals at TR (including me) that take the time to answer people's questions.

If you have "Googled" your problem and can't seem to find the answer, then post your question at TR and see if someone there can help you. Make sure and state your problem in detail, naming your Operating System (Windows XP, Vista, 7; Apple OS; or whatever Linux flavor you may be running), specs of your computer (as much as you know), and the actual error message you received (if any). The more information an IT pro' knows, the easier it is to help you. Also, make sure and state that you have searched your question online first before you just posted a question on TR; it will earn you a lot of respect because it shows that you at least tried to solve the problem on your own.

The Web is laced with answers to computer questions, but I understand that it is easier just to ask a question in a tech forum, especially if you don't know a whole lot about technology.

It's easy to become a member there and once you are a member, feel free to chime in on discussions and questions! There just might be a question posted that you could help out with.


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