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Homosexual activists or homosexual sloths?

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Activists or sloths?

Recently, in the past few days, there was a story about two homosexuals suing a baker in Colorado, because he wouldn’t bake them a wedding cake. It was against the beliefs of the owners, so of course, instead of finding another baker, they decided to get a lawyer and sue the owner of the bakery. Because it seems that even though smoking pot is legal in Colorado, freedom of expression isn’t.

So, when it is brought up on the internet, Facebook, chat rooms, that kind of thing; when someone mentions that there is an homosexual agenda, well, they get laughed at, because there has been no big meetings where homosexuals all gather together and decide what to do, and who to sue, for what they consider discrimination. However, I have to ask, doesn’t it seem like there is an agenda? Being from California, I remember when churches were in an uproar over new work guidelines, which would make it impossible for churches NOT to hire someone who was openly homosexual. (Admittedly with a tad of hypocrisy, as they will allow adulteress to work there) So, why do I stop and think, there just might be something to the thought of an agenda? Well, how about the forcing of a religious organization, the Boy Scouts, to accept openly homosexual members. Now let’s face it, children have no idea as to their sexuality at that age. If a boy or girl gets their heart broken by a member of the opposite sex, in today’s society, they may think, well, I must be gay, and they go off the deep end. Gender confusion has got to be hard, probably harder than when I was a kid. Now the Boy Scouts of America are being challenged by atheists about the use of God in their pledge, and to me that is what really shows an attack being made against the Christians of our country. Let’s look at another instance. Who remembers a few years ago when a homosexual sued eHarmony for not allowing homosexuals to use their service? What does the Dr. who started eHarmony know about the homosexual brain, the dating thoughts, they lifestyle most chose to lead? NOTHING, because when he was in college, and learning human behavior, he learned and observed straight people, not homosexuals. So, why is it fair that he gets sued, loses, has to change his site to cater to the homosexuals who want to use his site, AND pay out legal fees and 50,000.00 to the person who felt slighted???

So, after listing the above thoughts, I have to ask, are the majority of homosexuals lazy? Ignorant? Stupid? Do they not go to college? Why sue companies and organizations to meet their specific needs, instead of starting their own companies? Sure, they can sue a baker in Colorado, but how about OPENING YOUR OWN BAKERY? Imagine the money you would make, if you are any good, by catering to your own specific clientele! Same with a dating service, unless they want to admit, the homosexual brain is so far different, they can’t come up with their own algorithms, and questioners. Why force a Christian owned Bed and Breakfast to cater to their wants and needs, instead of opening your own B&B? And therein lies the thought that twist my shorts, chaps my hide, and pisses me off. Why are people being FORCED to accept a lifestyle they do not agree with? It isn’t about dragging people into the 21st century, it is about making people accept someone who wants to force their choices on someone else, and that right there takes away the very freedom that we have been fighting for. For over 200 years. Freedom of choice is meant to be for more than just a woman’s choice for an abortion. Freedom of Expression, and Religious Freedom. When those freedoms are attacked, because a group wants special consideration, then again, we find the liberties that our country was founded on, being beaten and taken hostage by political correctness, because it isn’t right unless you accept everything you don’t agree with, but they don’t have to do the same.

Sadly, this makes me change a previous stance I had taken on homosexual marriage. I believe I have to go back to the previous stance, that since marriage is considered a religious construct, and more disbelieve than believe, then why have a wedding in a church, unless it is to force a belief or agenda, that most don’t agree with.

When the A.I.D.S. crisis hit, there was a prevailing cry that ‘partners’ wouldn’t be able to see the love of their lives pass away. So, it was pointed out that a will would resolve that issue, that a person could chose which person could, or couldn’t be allowed to be with them at the end. Then it was about being accepted as being normal, and being allowed to be married, which in and of itself, points to an admission of abnormality. So, civil ceremonies were allowed to be legal, it was a justice of the peace, and move on with life. And they could be as manly, frilly or butch as you wanted it to be. But that suddenly wasn’t good enough, now it is forcing churches to marry. Again, that also has some hypocrisy in it, as they will allow adulteress to get married, after going to counseling, to admit what you did was wrong.

So, dear reader, is it a conspiracy? Is there an agenda? G.L.A.A.D., which is always pissed off and MAD, seems to be pushing a nationwide agenda, and so I would say yes, there is an agenda, and it has brought us to a slippery slope, as the group, NAMBLA is starting to speak out about allowing them to have sex with eight year olds, and let’s not forget the case in Florida when an 18 year old girl was caught having sex with a 14 year old girl on school grounds, and her family and friends, and the radical homosexual element and agenda, are saying, it is just because she is a female homosexual, that she is being charged, that is it just true love, and her parents are pushing the case because they don’t like their 14 year old daughter being gay. WHAT A LOAD OF HORSE CRAP! It has been shown that children cannot make appropriate choices about love until they are at least 16 to 17, as they don’t have the maturity or understanding as to what romantic love is. Just as honest psychiatrists will tell you that a brain scan can tell you what part of the brain isn’t working properly at birth, and can predict those who will be gay.

Or at least, that is how Mark C’s it.

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