Monday, March 19, 2012

Quote of the week - Nietzsche on morality and the master race

"Morality is: the mediocre are worth more than the exceptions ... I abhore Christianity with a deadly hatred."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Sec. 685 (Notebook W II 5. Spring 1888, KGW VIII, 3.95-7, KSA 13.303-5)

"The possibility has been established for the production of...a master race, the future "masters of the earth"...made to endure for millennia — a higher kind of men who...employ democratic Europe as their most pliant and supple instrument for getting hold of the destinies of the earth."

-Friedrich Nietzsche, Sec. 960 (Notebook W I 8. Fall 1885 - Fall 1886, KGW VIII, 1.85-6, KSA 12.87-8)

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