Monday, January 2, 2012

Why we should all be grateful for the Tea Party

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Why we should ALL be grateful for the Tea Party

I realize that there has been no force as hated and vilified by both sides of the of the political spectrum as the Tea Party. The question that needs to be asked is why?

Why hate an organization that did what it said it would do? I realize it is a massive departure from the normal crap that happens in Washington D.C. to say differently would be to lie, and the Tea Party isn't about lies. They are about truth, deeply rooted, unapologetic truth.  America has been screwed by both the right and the left. The Right has done something about it, the Tea Party, the left can't do anything about it, because if they do, then they will have to admit that their policies and desires are Socialist or Communist, and well, that will never happen, because then they have to admit, they were wrong and Capitalism is a failure, which is what they are trying to do anyway, with Obamacare, Dream Act, and the fact that for the two years they had complete control over the political system, no budgets, just continuing resolutions that added trillions to the bottom line, they will finally have to admit that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are all Ponzi Schemes, and the future is being bent over and screwed.

The Tea Party stood up saying ENOUGH!!!!! The stood there saying they wouldn't pass Continuing Resolutions, or a National Budget without finding a way to pay for it. They have started to expose the dirty secret of Beltway Politics, it is all smoke and mirrors, unless someone has the testies and nerve to say black is black white is white and we have to fix things NOW.

Tea Party members have been called terrorists, hate mongers, racists (because they don't have Black Americans and Mexican Americans involved - yet they have more of them involved then the Occupy forces who were and still are mostly lilly white!)

Here is a group of people who have stood up to the same ol thing, and have been bashed and hated for it. So ask yourself why? Why hate people who have proven their love for this great country? Why hate people who say we can't do the same old thing? Why not support them, help them fix what is wrong?

To do what they have done takes courage. To take the ridicule and abuse that would be considered hate crimes by the left, if they were black, Mexican, homosexual, transgender etc... But they are REPUBLICANS, so they must be treated as if they are syphilitic whores who can't get medical treatment.

I say they are true Americans who have been maligned by the left liberal media, the Huffington Post, (even though considering the Huffington Post to be a true news outlet is the same as considering the National Enquirer as being the best written weekly on the face of the earth.)

Or at least that is how Mark C's it.

Happy New Year to all! May you all have the courage to stand up for your convictions!

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