Monday, August 15, 2011

Thoughts on 2012 Election

An interview with Mark of "How Mark C's It..."

How long have you been a conservative republican?

I don't know if I can actually qualify this question, as I don't think I was ever a democrat, so the answer would probably be most of my life.

What part of conservative ideology most persuaded you?

Being born in 1960, I am actually a child of the 60's, and it was more, as a kid, of what the Democrats stood for than what the Republicans believed. I knew I didn't like what the Democrats believed. Back then, Roe vs Wade was being decided, and I knew that abortion was murder and the Democrats were for it. I wasn't. That the Democrats seemed to be the ones who were happy with, and pushing drugs, and I was all against drugs and drug use. With Richard Nixon in the White House, Democrats were big in fighting for everything the President was against, and as a child, we were taught the President was the leader of our country, and we needed to follow what he was saying. This was before liberals had taken over the education system and started pushing that liberals and the left are always right, and that the right and conservatives were always wrong.

Is there anything in the left's ideology that you find helpful to the U.S.?

The need for a proper education is one of the things that I agree with on the left. The need for teachers to be better paid, and to have better opportunities to do their job. Teachers also need to have more leeway in what they teach, not follow set guidelines, and not be forced to teach some of the leftist thoughts, of white guilt, to the black and brown man. Teachers also need to NOT be unionized, as proven in the Los Angeles School Systems, most of the money given to schools for education is wasted on union bureaucracy, instead of where it should go, to books, classroom supplies, teacher incentives.

That is would be nice to have the safety net of Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, but they are not sustainable with the left trying to give everyone everything without anyone having to pay anything for it.

What do you think conservative politicians need to campaign on to win the 2012 election?

Obama and his ilk are very big in running a bully pulpit on how Republicans don't care about the poor, the middle class, only the rich, and big business. The Republicans understand the world and how business is run. There is an old saying on the Golden Rule, not the REAL Golden Rule of 'Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you", but He who has the Gold, MAKES THE RULES. Businesses make money, for themselves and their shareholders, and they will always make money. If you took all the worlds wealth and split it equally to all the inhabitants of the world, in a few years, all of those who are currently wealthy, would be so again. So, Conservatives need to show their concern and empathy for the middle and lower class, and to do things to help them, and to thump their chests when they do, because that is exactly what the Democrats do, they thump their tiny sized chests and say, LOOK AT ME and what I did. And that garners them TONS of attention. But in reality, that is all they care about, the photo op, the press release, the sound bite. If Barney Frank, and Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid really want to do something for the poor and unfortunate, then let them give away their personal wealth to the organizations that help the poor. Somehow Barack Obama made 7 million last year, by his tax return, so, come on, cut some loose, give some to a CHURCH that feeds the poor, to a HOMELESS SHELTER, that takes care of those less fortunate. Democrats are good at spending money that ISN'T THEIRS to help those who need it, and then blaming others when someone says, "But who is going to pay for it?"

Is there one Republican candidate (so far) who you think can win the 2012 presidential election?

Boy, is that a tough one. Michelle Bachman is way to polarizing, and will tear the Republican Party apart, as it is, being a Tea Party Selectee, she will have part of the established party against her. Rick Perry is too wishy washy, even though he just entered the race, he waited, and that doesn't sit well with myself or others. Ron Paul has GREAT ideas, but he is more than a RINO, he is more a Libertarian. Herman Cain is GREAT, has run companies, successfully, something Barack Obama has never done, and Barack keeps saying he inherited the problems, that he as a Senator helped put into place, and after 31 months, still has no answers to fix. Rick Santorum, well, I know virtually nothing about him, and as for Newt, well, he is more than done, and should drop out very soon, following the lead of Tim Pawlenty. As for the leading candidate, Mitt Romney, he really can't decide if he is a Democrat or a Republican. The things he did as Governor of Massachusetts, showed he tried to be a Democrat, and look how well it turned out for them. The Health Care in that state is a disaster, and I don't see Mitt standing up to take responsibility for it. I won't even get into his religion, as I feel that Mormons are misled. The rest, well, they are just filler to take up space and get ideas into the campaign, but should drop out soon enough. Sadly, none of them really can take on the Barack machine and win. Barack has the media on his side, and none but Fox News will call him on his bullshit, and then they are branded racists because they don't follow him blindly like G.E./NBC and the others do.

Is there a Republican you think should run, but isn't running in this election?

Chris Christie is the best chance to destroy Barack, and he is the Governor of New Jersey, and he is happy to be so, and is happy to do what he was elected to do. And I do find favor with him for it. Rick Perry is kind of deserting Texas to run for President, which is why I think if people want to run for and elected position, they should quit the job they currently have. Step out into the unknown, succeed or fail, but not fall back position. Rick should step down as Governor of Texas, Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman should step down from their positions, etc... And if there was any justice in the world, Barack Hussien Obama would step down as President, AND NOT RUN again.

What does President Obama need to do to recover from his failings, or can he even recover?

He needs to do something he has yet to do, grow a pair of balls, step up and say, I am in over my head, always have been, and need help fixing this thing. Man Up and say he has been wrong to keep placing blame on others when he is as clueless as a newborn babe, and say that tough choices need to be made, on his watch, to the entitlement programs he has championed, and that he can fix things, with the right help. Take responsibility for crappy decisions, and dumbass people he has put in place. Timothy Geithner has been a failure as has Ben Bernanke. Look to people who are smarter than him, as there are so many, and listen to their opinions, foment a plan, and then implement the plan. Then he could garner some respect.

Favorite President?

Hard to say, Kennedy did some wonderful things, and some think he was more Republican then Democrat, which says a lot being from where he was from, but his father's business background, it would make sense. Lincoln freed the slaves, which is monumental, and got the country back together, which was even MORE monumental. Teddy Roosevelt did great things in his time in office, including showing the importance of national parks, and conservation. And then there is Tricky Dicky, Richard Nixon, who helped to stop a recession, get us out of a war, and he ruled with an iron fist, there was no questioning, he just did it. I know some would say Reagan, and he did some very good things, but he also helped to increase the debt ceiling, and to lead us towards this down fall that we are in. Yes, defeating the Soviet Union and keeping freedom alive was expensive, but there was no plan for follow up, and that lead us down an ugly road.

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