Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to abolish capital punishment

We seem to have a love-hate relationship with capital punishment. Those who are for it, usually are against it when capital punishment is going to be enforced on them or someone dear to them. Then those who are against it, usually want to enforce it on those that have done them wrong or when someone they love has been wronged. We have this love-hate relationship with capital punishment. Of course, there are those that don't fit into those two categories I mentioned above. Some really are for capital punishment at all times and the same with those that are against it. The question is, should we abolish capital punishment? 

Arthur Schopenhauer asserted, "For safeguarding the lives of citizens, capital punishment is therefore absolutely necessary." 1 "The murderer," wrote Schopenhauer, " who is condemned to death according to the law must, it is true, be now used as a mere means, and with complete right. For public security, which is the principal object of the State, is disturbed by him; indeed it is abolished if the law remains unfulfilled. The murderer, his life, his person, must be the means of fulfilling the law, and thus of re–establishing public security."2 

How do we abolish capital punishment? According to Schopenhauer, ""Those who would like to abolish it should be given the answer: 'First remove murder from the world, and then capital punishment ought to follow.' "3 
I agree with Schopenhauer. 


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