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The True Cost of Abortion

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The True Cost, and Sin, of Abortion:

As I sit here writing this article, I am drawn to how to present this in a manner that isn’t preaching, but showing fact, not about abortion being murder, or any of the Republican or Democrat talking points, but as to the real cost of abortion that has, and is, crippling this country.
Most will take this to be of a faith based nature, and as far as that goes, abortions are between those who have them, those who perform them, and God. I do not judge either way, but let’s look at what abortions have cost our country.

FDR had a great experiment with our country, and part of that was Social Security[1], a great ponzi scheme if you think about it. Each generation would pay for the generation before it. Sounds good, because abortion was not in the mainstream, and wasn’t something that good old ‘Progressive’ President worried about. We had a robust country, and with the growth potential, we could do anything, achieve greatness.
Then we run into Roe vs Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that gave women the right to ‘control their reproductive systems’ and get abortions when they wanted. Abortion on demand if you will accept the use of that term will always be a bad form of birth control.

So we now see that abortion has had dramatic financial effects on the United States. With all the ‘baby boomers’ set to retire, those who should have been paying into the system to keep it afloat, no longer exist. So, exactly how many abortions have been committed, legally, since Roe v Wade was passed? I have seen estimates ranging from 39 million to 54 million[2] which breaks out to 1,350,000 a year or 3699 a day. (Almost 1,600,000 dollars a day) THERE is one of the main reasons that abortion providers fight so hard to keep them legal. Planned Parenthood may be screaming that they aren’t making money providing the services for low wage income females who can’t afford the services, thus they get federal money. There is money in genocide, and it seems to pay well.[3](And contrary to the hype from the liberal left, Planned Parenthood DOES NOT do mammograms, they are not licensed to do so.)
Now let’s look at the societal effect of abortion, and to me, this is where it really hurts us a country. I used the term Genocide, and let me back that up. [Martin Luther King, Jr.] once said, “The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.” How can the “Dream” survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate. [4]

Even though we see where abortion rates have dropped for White and Black, markedly so, ‘Others’ as the next graph shows have dropped, but they were nowhere close to where Whites and Blacks were.[5]

So, some will say that all we have lost are some gangbangers, prostitutes, drug abusers, sellers, and the ‘dregs’ of society, but we have lost a human toll. Think about how many people who would have made a change in this country, undoubtedly abortion has cost us a couple of Presidents, members of Congress, Judges, Police Officers, Military Personnel, Firefighters, civil servants of all branches of local, state and federal government. We have also lost scientist, teachers, those who could really make a difference in our world. Some woman who decided that a child would screw up her life and had an abortion, she may have killed a child who would have found a way to make fuel out of algae or salt water. We may have lost an engineer who could have discovered ways to build bridges with a slower rate of decay, thus not needing to replace our infrastructure as fast as it should be done and maybe stronger for less.
Let’s talk for a second about the mental toll on women who have had the procedure for rape, or incest. This is a travesty of justice that also needs to be addressed. Yes, people are guaranteed the right to face their accusers in court, but why do we victimize those who are attacked whether by date rape, or molestation, or just a crime of opportunity? The damage done to their psychology is almost beyond repair, and then they face the trauma of going after the person who perpetrated this crime, as if they asked for it! Unless they are into S&M, or along that ilk, I doubt if it was asked for, yet these women who are brave enough to stand for their rights get shunned, and I cannot imagine the horror that runs through their minds for the rest of their lives. We need to change our laws to go after those who commit rape or incest, and bring it upon them, not their victims, as a very close friend of mine had been molested from 6 months to 12, when she found out it was wrong. All her father got was a warning to stay away from children, but no jail time. If congress can pass a flawed Lilly Ledbetter law, for a woman who sued a company that fired her for cause – 28 years AFTER she was fired, why congress can’t take care of this horror of our society is beyond me.

So, unlike a number of my Republican brethren and Christians on the right, I do feel that abortions are something that we need to stay out of. Yes, it seems we are waging a war on the productive rights of Sandra Fluke, who can afford her own birth control, and the press blew up something that didn’t exist to make a mockery out of health care. Should we fight for the rights of the unborn? Yes, but we need to do so offering condoms, counseling, care, friendship; not scorn or judgment. Only by changing the hearts and minds of those who see abortion as the only answer can we change our country, and put it back on a track of greatness, or, if you will, exceptionalism. We deserve it; we owe it to those who came before us, and those who will come after us.

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