Monday, December 19, 2011

Should Obama get credit for killing Osama bin Laden?

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Should Obama get credit for killing Osama bin Laden? As we enter this election cycle, which will consume our airways for the next 10 months, I think it is a fair question. And after stating this opinion to a friend on Facebook, I realized, this is a very touchy subject!

My friend is a Progressive, and thinks that the current president has not gone far enough to the left to make him happy, but at the same time, feels that since he is president, he deserves the credit for killing bin Laden. I was kind of slammed and called unpleasant names because I think differently on the matter.

He is of the opinion that since the President is at the top, anything that is done that is good, is done by him. Of course, anything that is bad is done by the Republican Party and those 'damn Tea Baggers'.

I think the credit should be given to the members of Seal Team Six who went and actually did the job. To the C.I.A. who got the intelligence, and those who did the planning of the raid. THAT makes sense. All the President did was give the green light.

We have heard that there were no thoughts to capturing bin Laden, that it was always going to be death, so why is it that the President, Secretary of State and all the others were in the photo op, to show they were the ones who said "GO!"? But do they deserve the credit? I say NO! Not just because Obama is going to run this into the ground during an election year: how he was tough with the Islamic extremist, how he had the power of life and death in his hands, and had the cajones to pull the trigger and get the most wanted, hated, and vile man inside the United States of America (Barney Frank being the second most hated man).

I look at it this way. What would have happened if Obama had said no, don't go after him, and it had come out? He would have been a shorter termed President than he already will be. They would have started impeachment proceedings against him if he hadn't done what he did, so he gave the okay, to keep his job. When it would have been better if he was just DOING his job.

Imagine the intelligence we would have gotten if the death had been kept quiet for a few months, which of course with the loss of the helicopter would have made it very difficult, but not impossible. So, instead of taking the smart road, Obama took the expedient road, and put the crown on his head saying, "LOOK WHAT I DID! I DID THIS!" Sorry, but if he won't take responsibility as President of the United States, for the stupid and irresponsible things that he and his administration have done, almost on a daily basis, then he doesn't get to take credit for the good thing that they have done either.

He, like the rest of us, can't have it both ways.

Thus endth the lesson!

Or at least, that is how Mark C's it.

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