Friday, February 11, 2011

What is reformed theology?

What is Reformed theology? Are there some questions about it that are unanswered for you? Are the things you know about Reformed theology only things you've heard from its opponents? Let R.C. Sproul teach you about Reformed theology in this free 12 part teaching series available in video and audio at

Teaching Series Overview:

1. Introduction
2. Catholic, Evangelical, and Reformed
3. Scripture Alone
4. Faith Alone (part 1)
5. Faith Alone (part 2)
6. Covenant
7. Total Depravity (part 1)
8. Total Depravity (part 2)
9. Unconditional Election
10. Limited Atonement
11. Irresistible Grace
12. Perseverance of the Saints

You can watch (or listen) to the entire series online for free, but you can't download the video or audio for free. You have to pay to download it, but it's free when viewed online.

What is Reformed Theology? teaching series.

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